Wholesale Partners enjoy up to 30% off on all the coffees you see on this site.

Here is how it works

Retail Bags

Retail bags are designed for your customers to enjoy Safehouse coffee in their own kitchens. The packaging is attractive and resealable to keep their coffee fresh all week long. Wholesale Partners can mix and match any number of retail bags to create a diverse selection of blends and single estate coffees for your customers to choose from. Your partnership will unlock a 25% savings on these bags.

Wholesale Bags

Wholesale bags contain 2 kilograms (2000 grams) of coffee and are designed for our partners that only need 5 or so pounds per order. These bags are perfect for churches, offices, and small coffee programs aimed at a small audience. Your wholesale partnership will unlock a 25% savings on these wholesale bags.

Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags from Safehouse Coffee Roasters are the work horse for our high volume wholesale partners. These units weigh 4 kilograms (4000 grams bagged in two 2000 gram bags) and offer the greatest savings on Safehouse Coffee. Bulk Bags are ideal for larger coffee programs such as coffee houses, brunch restaurants or catering services. PLENTY's Bulk Bag offers the most value for your purchasing dollar. Your wholesale partnership will unlock a 30% savings on the entirety Safehouse's Bulk Bag offerings.