Our Blends are designed for serving customers' specific coffee needs. PLENTY is perfect for automatic or bulk brewing and is made of seasonally selected specialty grade coffees. PLENTY dark is similar but is roasted a little longer to suit those with darker tastes. PERIODIC Espresso will help you produce the smooth, sweet, and fruited espresso your customers will love.

Black Label Coffees

Black Label Coffees are where it all began for Safehouse. Many years ago, we discovered that coffees can have unique and surprising characteristics from farm to farm even within the same country and that set us on a journey that we still enjoy. Some Black Label Coffees are single origin and some are cooperative lots but every coffee we source are chosen because of a delicious terroir found in the cup.

White Label Coffees

Our White Label Coffee line is reserved for those very special coffees that have a prominent fruit quality to them. We seek out interesting and wonderful coffees for White Label with flavors that surprise and delight coffee drinkers. White Label Coffees tend to be extreme and even a bit challenging.


A Note About Coffee Roasting

Coffee is a raw, agricultural product. Specifically, it is the seed of the coffee fruit. Because of this, coffees will taste different from harvest to harvest, even from the same farm. Temperature, rainfall amount, and even rainfall timing can produce distinct differences in flavor. Because of all of this, roasting coffee is like hitting a moving target from a moving platform. Its a good thing that we love the challenge! Another interesting thing about coffee is that when it is roasted, much of its moisture evaporates causing it to drop in weight while growing in volume. We roast each batch with complete attention, recording data like temperature and airflow every thirty seconds. Watching for certain benchmarks in the process and recording all the data for each roast allows us to replicate a preferred roasting recipe (profile) consistently for every batch. When you have our coffee, you will taste the difference that these measures make.