Our Blends are designed for serving customers' specific coffee needs. PLENTY is perfect for automatic or bulk brewing and is made of seasonally selected specialty grade coffees. PLENTY dark is similar but is roasted with a little more heat suit those with darker tastes. PERIODIC Espresso will help you produce the smooth, sweet and fruited espresso your customers will love.

Black Label Coffees

Black Label Coffees are where it all began for Safehouse. Discovering that coffee can have unique and surprising characteristics from farm to farm even within the same country set us on a journey that we still enjoy 12 years later. Black Label Coffees are not blended in order to preserve the terroir of each coffee.

White Label Coffees

Our White Label Coffee line is reserved for those very special coffees that defy the status quo. We seeking out strange and wonderful flavors that surprise and delight coffee drinkers all while sparking interest in what coffee can be if given thought, experimentation and care. White Label Coffees are truly special.