The Story Behind PLENTY

Safehouse’s roots are in single origin coffees that now make up our Black and White Label coffee programs. We were enticed by the exotic and became engulfed in the terroir of special micro climates that produced something completely different. We wanted to exceed expectations and we did; time and time again and we still do.

For years we honed our abilities to find something truly special, but our coffee menu wasn’t complete. It was missing something that wasn’t tangible. It was missing a lesson that was taught at every dinner table here in the south. The dinner table is sacred here in the south and when you invite people over, it’s because they are important to you. Dinner is an event and every southern chef knows the one simple tradition that makes for a perfect dinner: PLENTY. There has to be enough to go around. If you want seconds - go for it. If you want thirds, well, just be careful! That’s hospitality in the south. We wanted that on our menu. We wanted PLENTY for everyone. 

Safehouse applied it’s years of experience finding beautiful coffees and shaped it into a more affordable blend so that our Wholesale Partners can always have PLENTY to give, at a price that you can afford to stock up on.