Single Origin | What's the difference?

Single Origin | What’s the difference?

Safehouse’s beginnings are in Single Origin coffees. We started buying coffees from defined countries like Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ethiopia. Over time we came to love coffees from certain regions inside of those countries, such as Tarrazu, Atitlan, and Yirgacheffe. These Regions are much like states in the U.S. but that’s not where we stopped. We found that the finest coffees we could find were from very particular areas in these regions. If you search hard enough you can find the farmers growing these plants and have their coffees year after year. This is the very edge of coffee quality. It’s hidden away from the masses of grocery store shelves and Mass Retailers on every street corner. This type of coffee is elusive, hard to find and an adventure for your soon-to-be customer. Our reputation is founded in these coffees. We work hard to ensure our relationships in coffee sourcing so that you can provide a coffee experience to your customers that isn’t just talk.


We’ve distinguished our single origin coffees into two groups. Black label coffees are the workhorses of our menu. While very special, they are also very approachable and easy to enjoy. White Label coffees are wild and unbelievable with strongly present fruit flavors. If you’ve never tried something so different, you are in for a real treat!