Is your coffee program ready for summer?

Warm weather is upon us, and it’s time to start transitioning menus for the summer. Cold brew coffee, iced lattes and iced teas are profitable and delicious,  so why do we tend to see a dip in sales during the warmer months? The longer days compete with our coffee houses as the go-to place to hang out. At Safehouse, our plan to combat the summer’s allure to be outside is to market our cold drinks as an addition to customers' summer adventures. Icy cold to-go cups in the hands of smiling people is an age old idea. When we embraced this concept for the warm months of the year, it revolutionized our retail business, and it can for yours, too!

To get the word out, we use Facebook and Instagram. If you haven’t started paying for ads on these social media outlets, then you are missing out on the single largest advertising platform available and at affordable rates. Safehouse Coffee Roasters is offering a free 30 minute phone consultation on how to use the Ads Manger inside of Facebook and Instagram. We’ve seen great returns on our social media investments and can’t wait to pass along our experience to you 100% for free. That's why we call it a Partnership.

Not a Wholesale Partner just yet?

Wholesale Partners enjoy up to 30% off of every coffee in our lineup as well as  single wholesale bag minimum orders, discounted equipment pricing,  and access to our over 30 years of combined experience gained by operating and consulting on coffee programs all over Georgia. 

Becoming a Partner is as easy as emailing