Ethiopia Djimma DECAF


Ethiopia Djimma DECAF

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This decaf is a delightful surprise for most decaf drinkers. Some of its sweet fruitiness survived the decaffeination process, making this a winner for those that love their coffee even without the caffeine kick.

The Ethiopia Commodities Exchange (ECX) often obscures the exact provenance of coffees but this decaf from Djimma was too delicious to pass up. The Djimma Zone in the western part of the Oromia Region is known for chocolatey natural processed coffees and one of those lots was sent to the Mountain Water Processing facility for their gentle indirect decaffeination process which removed 99.9% of its caffeine.

We Taste: Graham Cracker, Light Fruits, and Warming Spice

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Retail Bags contain 340 grams of coffee
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Bulk Bags contain 4000 grams of coffee

Currently, we roast every Tuesday and Friday so that your order is always fresh.