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PLENTY Dark is a blend of clean, mild, specialty coffees selected to be approachable and affordable. Whether at home, the office, or a high volume coffee shop, PLENTY Dark is blended to provide flavor consistency season after season.

Dark, not burnt. Oils exposed to the oxygen and moisture of air outside the bean begin degrading into stale and rancid fats almost immediately. You want those deeply caramelized sugars and lipids protected inside the bean itself. We carefully control the application of heat and air flow through the extended roast to bring out those dark caramelized flavors you want without the bitter, oil-slick acidity that you don’t.

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Retail Bags contain 340 grams of coffee
Wholesale Bags contain 2000 grams of coffee
Bulk Bags contain 4000 grams of coffee

Currently, we roast every Tuesday and Friday so that your order is always fresh.